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Nice To Meet You

About Us

Welcome to All Systems Go. We are a technical consulting company that operates like a lean start-up. We believe in high efficiency and low overhead. We invest in top developer talent and we do things right the first time. Our mission is to leverage technology create value in our clients' businesses.

Denton Biety


Denton Biety began his marketing career as one of the first employees of Musictoday.com, a leading solutions provider for the music industry specializing in fan clubs, ticketing, and e-commerce for today’s top artists. With over ten years experience developing and managing campaigns for top brands including Fremantle Media/American Idol, Marvel Comics, Universal, Ford Motor Company, and others, Denton has extensive experience in many disciplines of online marketing including social media, email, search, and affiliate marketing, as well as branded application development, website development, analytics and optimization.

Chris Spanellis


With a focus on performance and scalability, Chris has spent the last two decades making software go faster.  He has worked on everything from pharmaceutical data ecosystems, to complex video content management and delivery systems, to multi-hundred million dollar eCommerce websites.  Chris has been a part of multiple Fortune 500 and startup companies, both as an engineer and as a leader.  He has been an intricate part in bringing standards, process, and accountability to each organization that he has been a part of.  All while maintaining the drive to always make things better.

“We’ve remained true to our mission: to partner with clients and launch great technology.”

Brett Ward


Equally at home in front and back-end code operations, Brett is a versatile developer. With over 12 years of software engineering experience, he has worked on many highly-trafficked consumer-facing websites including e-commerce, digital streaming, and celebrity websites. He has built a large multi-threaded, multi-server, multi-database tax system for a Big 5 accounting firm. He has built many corporate CMS systems for both content creation and management. He has developed for both Xbox One and Windows 8. Before Brett joined the founding team at ASG, he also worked for the United States Air Force developing business applications centered around billing, flight scheduling, and maintaining incredibly old government software.

How Do We Do It

Our Process

While every project is unique, we apply a battle-tested approach to creatively solve business problems and build great technology. 


We talk about your business with key stakeholders. We identify goals and opportunities while assessing any constraints or risks. We formulate strategy for your project and any related systems, and prepare to design an ideal solution that meets all requirements, and exceeds expectations. 


Once we define the solution, we get to coding. Our first step usually entails setting up environments, source code repositories, and continuous integration. We streamline our work effort using popular workflow management tools to reduce overhead and maximize our efficiency. With weekly agile sprint plans, we can offer clients complete transparency into our project progress. Collectively our team has decades of programming experience. We don't believe in egos, we rely on teamwork to craft an ideal code base that adheres to all best practices. 





Armed with information, it's time to get creative. We can produce interactive wire frame diagrams to gracefully solve any usability challenges on the front-end. We develop a deep understanding of any key data sets and design optimal databases and methodologies to power the system(s). For customer-facing projects we create graphic designs that bolster your brand. 


After unit testing in local development environments, we push code to a staging environment and QA test further there. Once a product meets our internal standards, we invite clients to review the project in a staging environment. When all stakeholders have approved for launch, we are ALL SYSTEMS GO! 

Post-launch, we gather user feedback and internal analytics and we monitor performance. Great software never stops evolving, and we typically work closely with clients to continually enhance systems by repeating this process.